P diddy and j lo dating sex dating in lehigh alabama

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P diddy and j lo dating

Anyhow, check out this little diddy the Bo Jackson of Broke did with yours truly. Whatever it is I’m doing in rap, I know this for a fact…I’m doing it in the wrong place. For those of you keeping track of my rappology career…this is nye the first of time I’ve gotten attention from the United Kingdom.

But I’m not Puerto Rican…Im just speakin so that juno.

The charges are contained in a paternity suit filed in Manhattan Family Court by model Kim Porter, the mother of Puffy’s youngest son, Christian.

Sean “Puffy” Combs’ ex-girlfriend said in court papers they slept together at the time he was dating superstar singer Jennifer Lopez – then denied it later when reporters noticed the timing. Lowbrow behavior comes amid buzz that Puffy and supermodel Naomi Campbell have been going hot and heavy, smooching it up from the French Riviera to Miami to Los Angeles.

I’m sorry, you’re not really a hoe, I’ve just taken a liking to the word.

I hope that doesnt discourage you from coming to any of these shows.

Come out to the Soapbox (downtown, Wilmington NC) on Friday, May 18th where a number of UNCW’s premier artists will be performing, hosted by me, UNCW’s posterboy for everything thats ever been entertainingly awesome ever.

after that I grab yo’ a**…and then we’ll all sit in a semi-circle, indian style, and talk about how corny it is to use Kanye Wests Japan Happy Fun Time America Now Bear logo, so brazen and unapologetically. This is what it looks like when your friends are really good at rap AND really good at being completely disobedient of the San Francisco traffic laws. Then, there were the duets with Shea Soul…now, El Professitorio Elemento. All hyperbole aside, PE is a well accomplished artist overseas…his resume reads of work with some of the worlds most acclaimed hip hop artists , workshops for children, and various performance pieces outside of hiphop. He does both comedic-character, and “real-rap” raps. So, when he asked me to collaborate on a project, you know my answer was an emphatic, “Yahmo be there.” Professor Elemental & Haji P. Im on a world tour, with Professor my man, going each and every place with a mic in my hand. Maybe because I’m an exemplary model of human kindness? I mean, dont get me wrong, America’s great when it comes to things like: best dance crews, funniest home videos, and dating white women to piss their dads off; but I’m really starting to get the impression that our appreciation for music is a bit sub-par…or, as my chaps across the pond say, ” .” Yeah, I thought he may have been listening to a totally different album too. First there was Monkeyjunk - Haji P"“Monkey Junk.”- an EP I put together with euro-superproducers, Fatman & Tropical. Being Special is also how Ed was able to have it made. Its a complete contradiction to my otherwise thugged out and indomitable demeanor. I was beyond certain that book would make it into book stores the world over.

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#instamusic #musicmonday #instarap #hiphop #popmusic #drake #champagnepapi #drakeviews #viewsfromthe6 #hotlinebling #onedance #2016music #bãodimais #recomendaçãodasemana A post shared by Malcom Fernandes (@malcomfrnandes) on But sadly, we have to officially call the romance between Drake and Jennifer Lopez a sham, a pretence, a work of fiction all – most likely – to stir up talk ahead of the pair's rumored (most likely) collaboration.

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