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Not only did I get turned on by Cindy’s comment of how fine I looked, whether she meant it as a joke or not, but when she stepped towards me to play with my collar I also managed to briefly look down her dress at the melons that were her breasts.My dad looked slightly annoyed at Cindy’s attempt to get friendly with me by flirting like I was a customer of hers at the club, so he reached over and gently pulled her over to him.“Hey, hey, hey, don’t go stealing my future wife, son.Cindy was twenty-eight, 5’ 10” with long, flowing black hair, milk chocolate-brown skin, hypnotic green eyes, flawless white teeth, an angelic face and an amazing body.

I put on a good deal of muscle being on the school’s wrestling team, and with that came a big boost in my confidence.I had been in a few relationships in the past two years, all of which turned sexual, mostly thanks to my position on the wrestling team, my muscles, and having an almost seven-and-a-half-inch dick didn’t hurt either. I figured my dad would have tossed Cindy away by now, but for some reason he kept her around.I guess it’s easy being married to someone who doesn’t really care if you show up late at night smelling of booze with another woman’s lipstick on your collar.Cindy walked towards me, one high-heeled foot in front of the other, as if she were walking the catwalk in a fashion show.She extended her hand towards me and I weakly shook it.“Hi, Michael, it’s great to finally meet you. ”“Um, I’m sixteen,” I awkwardly squeaked out.“Wow, only sixteen and looking so fine.

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Over time I would keep imagining my stepmother coming on to me, and each time I would build up a resistance and get further into the daydream, until finally I came in Cindy’s pussy and she thanked me so much for giving her what she desperately needed.