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To accomplish those goals, uniforms are typically made of a blend of polyester and spandex.

A typical uniform consists of: Under current regulations for high school teams, uniforms must cover the midriff when a cheerleader's arms are down.

An event like a swim or track meet can last all day, whereas a football or basketball game lasts just a few hours.

There are many resources for ordering uniforms, including online stores. Cheer carries a variety of practice uniforms, cheerleading T-shirts, and basic uniforms. When price is an issue, this is a great place to get uniforms for a younger squad or a squad with a very tight budget.Many high schools and universities split up their squads to cheer at other sports events throughout the year.This may include swim meets, track and field events, and softball or baseball games.It's important to think about the goals and purposes of the squad when deciding on outfits for the year.Baseball chants can add tons of excitement and energy to a game.

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